Building Regs Compliant

Safety Is Our Priority!

Building Regs Compliant Balustrade

Safety is and always has been our number one priority at Origin Architectural. To give you the comfort that you need:


All of our structural balustrade is fully tested. See our test certification here.


test certification


We will provide with you a test certificate to give to your Building Inspector. This should be kept safe if you ever move house!


Our glass is supplied with a certificate to show full compliance with the relevant British Standard (different types of glass are required to meet different standards)


Our laminated glass is supplied with a 10 year guarantee against de-lamination


Our experienced technical team are on hand at any time to reassure you as to which fixing and glass thickness you will need to full comply with the Building Regulations that apply to your installation. Contact us for information. Get in touch here.



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At Origin Architectural we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations – see for yourself!

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