End Cap Posts

Our posts with an end cap are one of our most popular products here at Origin Architectural. They are commonly used with 10mm toughened glass. Much of the cost of any glass installation is the glass and not the metal work. End cap stainless steel posts are subsequently a cost effective solution to any balustrade installation. Just as importantly the fact that end cap posts do not have a handrail make them aesthetically one of our most popular balustrades.

Building regulations require any balustrade that protects a fall of 600mm or more to either use a handrail or a laminate glass. In the event that your balustrade is protecting a fall of 600mm or more, end cap posts can still be used. We can supply the end cap posts to accommodate a laminate glass (usually 13.5mm or 11.5mm toughened laminate glass). Our technical team can advise on you on which glass thickness should be used for your installation of end cap posts.
Our end cap posts are very simple to install. The posts are delivered to you completely pre fabricated. The base plates are welded to the posts, the glass clamps are secured to the post and the end cap is secured into the top of the post. You simply need to lift the base cover and it is then 4 x M8 fixings through the base plate into the ground. We can supply you with the appropriate fixing dependent on the material that you are fixing your end cap post to.

In terms of measuring your glass there are two choices for you. Our software can calculate the position of your end cap posts and the width of the glass panels. It is preferable however if you install your stainless steel end cap posts first and then come back and confirm your final glass measurements. You can then position your stainless steel end cap posts exactly where you want them. To calculate the width of your glass panels, you simply measure from the inside of end cap post to inside of end cap post and deduct 40mm. This is calculated on the basis that the distance from the outside edge of the glass to the inside edge of the post on either side is 20mm. The height of the glass panel is usually calculated to be 1020mm.
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