End Caps

Here at Origin we stock a wide range of end caps that are designed to fit on to any number of tube dimensions and in several different styles. Our end caps can be used for numerous applications. These include finishing handrails, at the top of base fixed posts and at the top and bottom of side fixed posts.

We have four main styles of end cap. They are flat end caps, curved end caps, grooved end caps and domed end caps. Your choice of which end cap to use depends on the look that you want. We hold the flat and curved end caps to fit a number of tube dimensions. Our grooved and domed end caps are held to fit a tube with a 42.4mm diameter and 2mm thick wall.

To ensure that your end cap fits the correct tube dimensions, you need to be clear on the following:

Firstly you should ensure that your end cap is the right diameter to fit your tube. At Origin, we predominantly supply end caps with either a 42.2mm or 48.3mm diameter. We can supply end caps with a different diameter on request.

Secondly, you need to select the correct wall thickness. Most of our stainless steel end caps are supplied to fit tube with a wall thicknesses of 2mm or 2.5mm. We can supply end caps in alternative wall thicknesses on request. The majority of our end caps for stainless steel round tube are supplied to fit 2mm wall.

Thirdly you should ensure that you have the correct grade of end cap. The majority of our end caps are held in either grade 304 (an internal grade) or grade 316 (an external grade). Grade 316 end caps contain 2% molybdenum which makes the end caps more resistant to cracking, pitting and harm caused by tension. In addition you should ensure that your end caps are supplied with the correct finish. As standard they are supplied in a satin finish. If you need it do so however, we can also mirror polish the stainless steel end caps to any finish that you require. Mirror polishing is usually required in environments such as swimming pools and when near to the sea.
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