Aluminium Capping

Our aluminium capping for handrail is a popular alternative to stainless steel slotted tube. While aluminium capping does not offer the same structural benefits as slotted tube handrail, it is noticeably cheaper and offers some protection from injury as result of falling on to the glass. Aesthetically, aluminium capping (or handrail) looks great and is a fantastic finish to any balustrade.

Aluminium capping handrail is most commonly used with any of our frameless systems. This includes frameless channel or spigots. With aluminium handrail capping, there is no need to use a rubber gasket. You simply attach the capping to the top of the glass with a tape that sits inside the aluminium capping.

Our aluminium capping handrail can supplied to a fit a number of different glass thicknesses. Those glass thicknesses are 12mm, 15mm, 16.76mm – 17.5mm, 19mm and 21.5mm. The height of the handrail is 13mm and the thickness is 2mm. The width obviously depends on the thickness of the glass that the handrail is designed to fit. Our aluminium capping handrail is sold in 2.5m lengths.

We offer the aluminium capping in either an anodised or stainless steel finish. The advantage of using an anodised aluminium handrail over stainless steel is that it will not corrode or pit when exposed to the elements. This makes it a very popular choice for customers that are neat the sea as the salt water is less likely to damage the handrail.

While it is not possible to offer connecting components for aluminium capping handrail, it is very easy to cut to your exact dimensions on site. While we can cut the aluminium capping handrail for you, we would recommend that this is done by you when you install to ensure that the dimensions are right.
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