Wire Rope Components

Our wire rope posts will nearly always need to be combined with a series of components to fix your wire rope. Our wire rope system can seem more complicated than it actually is! In choosing the wire rope components that you need there are some basic rules that it is useful to remember:

For our wire rope system a new pair of eyebolts are required every 5m or change of direction.

For every pair of eyebolts a tensioner and terminal should be used when using wire rope components.

If the wire rope balustrade run is less than 5m and there is no change of direction, the mid posts without eye bolts should be used.

Every wire rope post accommodates 10 rungs of wire.

You will need an eye bolt connector for every rung of wire when using our wire rope system. The thread for our the eye bolt connector is M6 and it is designed to use 3mm wire. We can supply an alterative wire rope eyebolt connector which is threaded and designed to fix into a wooden post.
Our wire rope tensioners (with jaw) and terminals (with jaw) are designed to suit wire with a 3mm diameter.

If your wire rope posts are designed to go up or down stairs, then you will require either upward angled wire rope holders (plus or minus 35 degrees) and/or downwards angled wire rope holders (plus or minus 35 degrees). Both sets of wire rope holders are designed to accommodate 3mm wire.

However you want to configure your wire rope balustrade, we can supply the wire rope components to meet your requirements. All of our wire rope components are supplied in grade 316 stainless steel. They can subsequently be used outside.
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