Here are Origin we stock a wide range of consumables to help you complete your installation. We really are a one stop shop for everything that you will need to get your balustrade installed!

We would always recommend using stainless steel cleaner on all of our stainless steel products. The frequency with which you should clean the stainless steel depends on a number of factors. The most important is the location of your balustrade. By way of example, balustrades that are close to the sea or a swimming pool, should be cleaned twice a month where as a balustrade that is installed inland can be cleaned three or four times a year. Where ever your balustrade is installed, we would always recommend that your stainless steel products are regularly cleaned with our stainless cleaner.

Our Loctite glue is sold in either 10ml or 50ml bottles. Loctite is a top of the range adhesive product that is used to secure the majority of our stainless products. For most of our smaller installations, a 10ml bottle of Loctite glue is sufficient to complete the installation. For any larger installations we would recommend having a 50ml bottle of Loctite glue.

We also stock resin and resin gun. Many of our products are fixed with resin into concrete or stone. We stock both the resin and the resin gun to allow you to complete your installation.
To make things convenient for our customers, we stock glass cleaner. This saves you having to source the glass cleaner elsewhere.

All your balustrade consumables are available for you here at Origin!
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