Wall Flanges

Our range of wall flanges are an important addition to any handrail that needs to be connected to a wall. By connecting the handrail to the wall, our wall flanges not only look great but just as importantly make a material difference to the structural integrity of your balustrade.

Our wall flanges can connect 42mm and 48mm handrail. The wall flange is secured to the wall using three M5 grub screws. Out wall flanges are supplied in grade 316 stainless steel only. Although designed for outside use, they can also be used for indoor applications. It is the circumference of the handrail that is important and not the wall thickness of the handrail. By way of example, a 42mm wall flange can also support a 42mm diameter handrail with both a 2mm and 2.5mm wall thickness.

Here at Origin, we offer three different types of wall flange. The first is a fixed wall flange. This is attached to the wall simply by using 3 x M5 grub screws. A small amount of glue (we would recommend Loctite glue) should also be used to attach the wall flange to the wall.

The second wall flange that we stock, is a 0-50 degree adjustable wall connector. This is ideal for use where the handrail needs to be attached to wall at an angle. This wall flange is attached to the wall in exactly the same way as a fixed wall flange. As with a fixed wall flange, it is attached to the wall using 3 x M5 small grub screws. It is important to recognise that this adjustable wall flange is designed to support a handrail and not a post. Our adjustable base plates should be used if you want to support a post.

The final wall flange that stock is a wall to tube connector. This wall flange is designed to accommodate both a 42mm diameter and 48mm diameter tube.
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