Slotted Tube Handrail

Our wide range of slotted tube handrail can be used to secure the top of your glass balustrade, particularly when it is fixed at the base using either our frameless or spigot system. While many of our customers prefer the completely frameless system, we would always recommend having a handrail with your balustrade.

The weakness of any balustrade is at the top of the glass. Any small movement at the base of balustrade can lead to a far greater movement at the top of the glass. Our slotted tube handrail secures the top of the glass and greatly limits any such movement. A slotted tube handrail also protects users from falling on to the glass.

When securing your balustrade, there is a rubber gasket the sits between the top of the glass and the slotted tube. The thickness of the gasket varies depending on the thickness of the glass that you are securing. We can supply gaskets to fix 12mm, 13.5m, 15mm, 17.5mm, 19mm and 21.5mm glass.

Our most popular line of slotted tube is circular. We have two ranges of circular slotted tube, 42mm and 48mm. 42mm slotted tube is most commonly used in domestic applications. 48mm slotted tube is most often used in commercial applications. In addition we supply square (40mm x 40mm) and rectangular (60mm x 40mm) slotted tube.

Our slotted tube is sold in two grades of stainless steel, 304 (for indoor use) and 316 (for outdoor use). Our slotted tube is sold in a satin or mirror polished finish. The mirror polished finish is noticeably more expensive and is commonly used in areas where the stainless steel is exposed to salt water or chlorine.
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