Handrail Bracket Posts

Stainless steel posts with a handrail bracket are one of our most popular products at Origin. If your balustrade needs to protect a fall of 600mm or more, building regulations require you to either have a laminate glass or a handrail.

Much of the cost of any balustrade is the cost of the glass. Stainless steel posts with a handrail use 10mm toughened glass which is substantially cheaper than a laminate glass. Handrail bracket posts are subsequently a cost effective solution. Just as importantly stainless steel posts with a handrail bracket are an elegant solution to any balustrade installation.

The handrail bracket posts that we supply are completely prefabricated. The base plate is welded to the post, the clamps are fitted to the post and the handrail bracket is in the top of the post. You simply need to take the post from the bag and secure the post to the ground with 4 x M8 fixings. We can supply the fixings for your handrail bracket posts on request.

When installing your stainless steel posts with a handrail, you should work on the basis that you should have a post every 1m. It doesn’t matter if the configuration of your balustrade means that your post positions will be slightly more or less than 1m. We would not recommend that your handrail bracket posts are any more than 1.2m. This can put too much pressure on the clamp which can cause it to give way.

In terms of measuring your glass there are two choices for you. Our software can calculate the position of your posts and the width of the glass panels. It is preferable however if you install your stainless steel posts with a handrail first and then come back and confirm your final glass measurements. You can then position your stainless steel posts with a handrail exactly where you want them. To calculate the width of your glass panels, you simply measure from the inside of post to inside of post and deduct 40mm. This is calculated on the basis that distance from the outside edge of the glass to the inside edge of the post on either side is 20mm. The height of the glass panel is usually calculated to be 898mm leaving the same gap from the top of the glass to the top of the handrail as from the bottom of the glass to the ground.
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