Baluster Brackets

Baluster brackets are commonly used for side fixed posts. Also known as slab brackets the back of the bracket is fixed to the wall and projects the post away from the wall. They are used when you want to side fix your post to the wall.
Here at Origin we have a wide range of baluster brackets. All of our baluster brackets are designed to accommodate 42mm and 48mm posts. They are sold in grade 316 stainless steel which makes our baluster brackets suitable for outside use.

Our fixed baluster bracket are designed to use with end or mid posts. The baluster bracket projects the post 46mm from the wall. Our fixed baluster bracket can accommodate either 42mm or 48mm tube. We stock two different styles of baluster bracket. The first baluster bracket has a circular back plate. The second baluster bracket has a rectangular back plate.

We also stock an adjustable baluster bracket with a circular back plate. The back plate can adjust back to 90 degrees. The adjustable baluster bracket is for use with corner posts.

A further popular choice of baluster bracket is a bracket with a pin that goes through the bottom of the post to fix the post to the wall. This baluster bracket is sold with our prefabricated post.

When you are using baluster brackets for side fixed posts, it is important to remember that the baluster bracket will usually sit below finished floor level. The post that sits within the baluster bracket should usually be 1.3m or 1.4m long to ensure that from finished floor level, the post is 1100mm.
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