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Glass gates are an increasingly popular addition to any glass balustrade. We stock numerous different hinges and latches that you will need to complete your glass gate. Our glass gates are both practical and look fantastic!

Our glass gates are popular for numerous applications. We regularly sell glass gates as part of a post and rail system for swimming pools. When using glass gates around swimming pools, we would always recommend first having the components (the glass hinge and glass latch) mirror polished. This prevents the chlorine from the swimming pool discolouring the glass hinge and glass lock that make up the glass gate.

Any glass gate will first require a glass hinge post. Each glass gate will nearly always require two glass hinges per post. We can supply tube to glass hinges to fit either a 42mm or 48mm stainless steel post.
As an alternative, we can also supply for your glass gate, square self closing hinges which are either glass to glass or glass to hinge. When fabricating your glass hinge post for your glass gate, there are two things that you need to be careful to get right. The first is the hinge post for your glass gate. The holes in the post should be carefully drilled to accommodate the hinge for your glass gate. On request, we can fabricate the hinge post for your glass gate to your exact dimensions. The second thing is that the holes in the glass for your glass gate are in the correct position. The hole positions will vary depending on the type of hinges that you use.

Equally, we can also supply glass latches for your glass gate. Our glass latches for glass gates are designed to fit to 42mm diameter posts. As with our glass hinges, it is important that your post is correctly drilled to receive the glass latch and that the glass has holes in the right position to support the glass latch. In addition to stainless steel glass latches for your glass gate, we can also supply a magnetic latch (glass to glass) and magnetic latch (glass to hinge).
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