Our slotted tube stainless steel handrail is perfect for adding to the top of the glass on any frameless glass balustrade system. There are three main reasons why we would always recommend that our customers have a slotted tube handrail.

Firstly it makes a material difference to the structural integrity of the balustrade. On any frameless system, the weakness of the balustrade is at the top of the glass. The balustrade acts like a pivot. Any small movement at the bottom of the balustrade can lead to a far greater movement at the top of the glass. By securing the glass with a round stainless steel slotted tube, this effectively eliminates any potential movement at the top of the glass.

Secondly, there are the aesthetics. Many of our customers think that a round slotted tube handrail at the top of the glass looks great!

Thirdly, there is safety. A round slotted tube handrail on top of the glass, prevents anybody from falling on to the glass itself and injuring themselves.

Our round slotted tube handrail is sold with a number of different components. The starting point is the rubber gasket. When selecting the correct gasket for your round slotted tube handrail, you need to make sure that you select the gasket that matches your tube diameter (42mm or 48mm diameter tube) and glass thickness. The rubber gaskets that we at Origin supply are designed to fit any glass thickness from 8mm to 21.5mm glass.

When fixing the gasket to the top of the glass, the gasket should be fitted to the glass first. The tube is then fitted to the gasket. We would always recommend using a lubricant of some sort to help fix the gasket to the top of the glass. Washing up liquid is usually sufficient for these purposes.

We supply a wide range of components to help you complete your round slotted tube handrail installation. These include round end caps, a 90 degree horizontal connector, 25 degree to 55 degree upwards and downwards connectors and a 180 degree connector.
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