Base Mount Fixing System

Our base mount Easy Fix system is fully adjustable and allows you to align your glass panels on any long line of glass even after the glass has been installed. Our Easy Fix base fixed system is most popularly used in light commercial settings. It uses a screw clamp technology which effectively locks the glass panels into position. There are four fasteners used for every meter of channel.

The Easy Fix system also know as POSIglaze. The glass is able to pivot up to 2 degrees each way from the vertical of the base shoe allowing for 20mm at the top of the glass at 100m high or a total of 40mm from one extreme to the other. When installing the channel, there are a number of simple steps to take.

Firstly you fit the channel, then clamp the glass, place the glass on the channel, fit the bolts, adjust the glass and then add the top bead. With the base fixed channel, there are two top beads which are used for every length of base channel.

The profile is also branded as PosiGlaze. The PosiGlaze profile itself is lightweight and strong. The profile is precision engineered using extruded aluminium with a geometrically hollowed out core, providing an incredible strength to weight ration. For added protection from the elements POSIglaze is anodised to 25 microns.
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