Side Mount Fixing System

Our side mount Easy Fix system is fully adjustable and allows you to align your glass panels on any long line of glass even after the glass has been installed. Our Easy Fix side fixed system is most popularly used in light commercial settings. It uses a screw clamp technology which effectively locks the glass panels into position. There are four fasteners used for every meter of channel.

Side fixed Easy Fit is one of the most technically advanced aluminium balustrade systems on the market today. It is appropriate for domestic and commercial applications. With a 0.36kN to 1.5kN force loading capability, it is appropriate for domestic to light commercial applications. It can be used for glass thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 21.5mm glass using either toughened glass, toughened laminate glass or SentryGlass.

The Easy Fix system is also known as Posi Glaze. When fixing our Posi Glaze side fixed system, if the side from which the channel is fixed is exposed (which is usually the case) it should be covered using cladding which we can supply. Our side fixed channel system only requires on length of top clip as opposed to the base fix system which requires two.
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