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Planning a Glass Balustrade in Nottingham. Origin Architectural are specialists in made to measure glass balustrades at affordable prices.

Origin recently completed the supply of the balsutrade for this exciting new development on the outskirts of Nottingham. There were numerous individual balconies as well as two large communal balconies. 

For the individual balconies we supplied our handrail bracket posts. They are fully tested to a line load test of 0.74kN which is required for any balcony at height. This was a commercial development and having the fully tested posts was important to our customer. 

In addition to the base fixed posts, our customer also asked for side fixed posts. They are secured just beneath the reveal. We supplied posts that were designed with slab brackets for both an inside and outside corner. 

When installing the glass, we recommended to the customer that they use the security pins that were supplied with all of the posts. The security pins pass through the jaws of the clamps and then through the holes in the glass. We ensured that the holes in the glass were aligned to the holes in the posts. While the clamp itself when tightened grip the glass relatively strongly, the addition of the security pins further prevents the glass from slipping. 

To meet building regulations, there was a handrail supplied with all of the posts. Each handrail bracket required two holes in the handrail. We supplied the customer with M5 screws and a drill and tap set to allow them to accurately drill and tap holes in the handrail itself and then fix the handrail brackets. 

The customer in Nottingham was absolutely delighted with the end result and all of the flats were sold very quickly after they were completed!

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