Frameless Glass Balustrade

How much does a glass balustrade cost?

Installing a Balustrade whether glass, wire or stainless steel is probably not as costly as you think. With prices starting from as little as £115 per meter and so many designs to choose from our team can help you find the Balustrade that’s not the right price but perfect for your home or business.

The price of the Balustrade depends on the model, with the Post and Rail Glass Balustrade coming in at the lower end. Despite being the cheapest it is one of our most popular designs and like all our Balustrades it can be manufactured to your precise specifications. This design combines the Glass Balustrade will stainless steel posts and handrails and looks perfect in gardens and on balconies.

Similar to the Post and Rail Balustrade the Glass Button Balustrade is glass with stainless steel buttons supporting it. Most commonly used in corporate environments, the non-intrusive look means it looks flawless both internally and externally in office spaces, function rooms and showrooms.


How much does a wire balustrade cost?

Our Wire Balustrade is stainless steel posts with wire rope balustrades and provides safety with its handrails without ruining the view. For this reason, it is perfect for balconies but its stylish look means it looks wonderful both indoors and outdoors.


Our Frameless Glass Balustrade system is our most expensive option, this is because there are no metal supports so the glass is much stronger and thicker. Despite being the most expensive it is the perfect solution when you want to provide a stylish design with uninterrupted views. It’s so versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors for decking, staircases and swimming pool fences.


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