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How thick should the glass on a glass balustrade be?


Are you looking to install a glass balustrade system but unsure what thickness of glass you need to use to ensure the system is safe and meets safety standards? The glass thickness on the glass balustrade that you should select will depend on a number of factors. They are as follows;


  • Whether or not you are having a handrail. If your balustrade is over 600mm above the ground, you can have toughened glass with a handrail or laminated glass without a handrail.
  • Whether your balustrade is for domestic or commercial use. If it is for domestic use you usually have to meet a lower line load test (the pressure per meter that the glass can take before it starts to deflect or move in the structure) in which case you can use a thinner glass. If it is for commercial use, you usually have to meet a higher line load test and will often have to use laminated glass.

At Origin Architectural we are experienced in the supply of glass balustrades including glass panels which meet all the safety tests and regulations both for domestic and commercial use. We are here to help and support you with the whole process from design through to delivery. We will ensure you order the correct glass panels for your glass balustrade. Try our new smart balustrade designer to start planning your balustrade. Want to see the types of Glass Balustrade that are available? you will find a stunning range of balustrade systems on our website.

If you need support with how to measure your glass balustrade, head over to our article that covers this topic.

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