Mezzanine Balustrade

Planning a Mezzanine Balustrade. Origin Architectural are specialists in made to measure glass balustrades at affordable prices.

Having a glass balustrade on any mezzanine floor is the perfect way to modernise your home. It adds space and light to any home to work space.

Choosing the right mezzanine balustrade for you

Our most popular solution is to have frameless glass. Easy to fit and completely transparent, it adds light and space to any interior. When fitting frameless balustrade to your interior you should think about the following:

  • If the balustrade is in your home, then the height of the barrier should be 900mm. At 1100mm (which is the requirement for an outside balustrade) the balustrade will be too high and enclosed.
  • If you are not having a handrail then you should use a laminate glass. For most domestic applications 13.5mm toughened laminate is sufficient.

Frameless Point Fixings

As an alternative to frameless channel,  you could use stainless steel bolts. Otherwise known as point fixings or stand offs they are another alterative to frameless channel. They give you the same frameless look, you just need to fix beneath finished floor level. 

When choosing the correct point fixing for you:

  • The point fixing has a 50mm head and variety of thicknesses of back plate. They can be found here. You should make sure that the back plate is thick enough to clear any obstacles that you may have
  • As standard they are supplied with an M10 thread to allow you to resin fix the point fixing. If you are fixing to another material such as timber we can supply duel threaded screws. 

Glass Walkways with Mezzanine

Using a framless glass channel as part of the mezzanine is a popular way to finish off an internal walkway. We think that this is a fantastic solution when added to a glass walkway! Here is an image of a recent barn conversion. Our customer was delighted with the end result!

Glass Balustrade

Why Choose Origin Architectural

For Your Glass Balustrade

Our glass balustrade products are both aesthetically pleasing as well as being quick, easy and cost effective to install, so you get the best finish for the best price. You can choose from our different glass balustrade and glass railing systems, that vary in surface finishes, glass thicknesses and purpose, as well as selecting individual balustrade components for bespoke applications.

Our team are all highly experienced in designing and creating glass balustrade systems, and they are here to help you whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us today to discuss your glass balustrade requirements.