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Personalising Your Juliet Balconies

Gone are the days when Juliet balconies were limited to a one-size-fits-all design. We understand the importance of tailoring the details of your balcony to match your building’s unique style. There are a few steps you should take in order to transform your Juliet balcony into a personalised haven that seamlessly integrates with your home’s aesthetics.


It may seem obvious but the starting point is to make sure that you can get a secure fixing. Here at Origin we offer three solutions. Our Othello point fixing (stainless steel bolts) which sits beneath the reveal, our skyforce system which sits either side of the reveal and our Portia horizontal bar system which again sits either side of the reveal. If your reveal is more than 3 metres wide then you should fix beneath the reveal to make sure that your Juliet balcony is secure. 


Different systems require different types of glass. If you are having a handrail on your Juliet balcony you can have a single panel of toughened glass. The majority of our Juliet balcony systems however require laminate glass (two pieces of toughened glass bonded together with an interlayer). Both our Skyforce and Othello (stainless steel bolts) require laminate glass where as our Portia system is framed and can be installed with toughened glass. 

Materials Matter

The great thing about glass is that it looks great against all different types of building materials, so it’s really about what you put around your balcony – in the fixings or rail – that make the difference. Work with Origin to create the effect that’s perfect for your specific project. Use our design tool or contact us for advice about how to get the perfect finish. 

Customised Designs

As you’ll see, we have five distinctive designs when you enter our balcony design tool and the components for each can also be customised to meet specific requirements with popular colour options like stainless steel, black or anthracite grey available. This is a great place to get an idea about what can be achieved the likely costs associated.  We can powder coat any of our systems to any RAL that you would like on short lead times. 


Safety in Style

Safety is and always will be our number one priority at Origin. All of our Juliet balcony systems are fully tested and we can provide you with a test certificate to show to your Building Control officer as well as to give you the comfort that you need. Key things to consider with each of our systems:

Our Skyforce Juliet balcony is tested up to 3m when fixed to steel, concrete or aluminium or upvc frame.

Our Othello point fixing system is an ideal solution when you have to fix beneath the reveal.

Our Portia Juliet balcony fixing is tested up to 2.8m when fixed to steel or concrete. 

Our commitment to quality, customisation, and safety means you can confidently embark on the journey of tailoring your Juliet balcony to reflect the unique charm of your home. Explore the possibilities and turn your outdoor space into a haven that is as distinctive as you are.

For more information on Juliet Balconies visit Origin Architectural, and experiment with our online Juliet balcony designer tool.

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