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What height should a Glass Balustrade be?


Glass Balustrades are a popular and stylish structure, they are often used to protect against a change in levels e.g. on a decking or balcony. When choosing your Glass Balustrade it is important to consider not just the design and the look but also the safety measures. These safety measures are set out by building regulations to ensure that the Balustrade is safe for use.

UK regulations state that a Glass Balustrade has to adhere to certain height restrictions for safety reasons. The Glass Balustrade design should not allow a sphere of 100mm to get through the gaps in the glass panelling.

The minimum height for a Glass Balustrade that is placed indoors is 0.9m. If the Glass Balustrade is outdoors for a balcony or rooftop or decking then the minimum height is 1.1m  These measurements are for residential properties and differ from those for commercial use.

Here at Origin Architectural we have been manufacturing balustrades for many years and understand the height regulations so if you have any further questions or queries regarding your project contact us for advice.

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