Base Mount Channel - Flex Fit Pro

Our Flex Fit Pro channel is a higher spec version of our Flex Fit frameless of infinity balustrade. Its major advantages are that it is tested up to a line load of 1.5kN making it ideal for commercial balustrades or domestic balustrades in exposed areas. In addition, it only requires a fixing every 400mm, making it cost effective and quick to install.

Your frameless or infinity channel must meet the required line load test. This is the weight per meter that your frameless of infinity channel can withstand before it starts to deflect (or move) within the profile. The line load test your frameless of infinity channel system uses, depends on the application. Our Flex Fit Pro infinity or frameless channel is fully tested up to a line load test of 1.5KN when fixed to steel or concrete. This is the required line load test for many applications such as shopping centres and offices.

If you are using a handrail with you Flex Fit Pro channel, we can supply the slotted tube that will sit on top of the frameless or infinity channel system. From a safety perspective, we would always recommend using a handrail. Not only does this substantially improve the structural integrity of the balustrade but also protects anybody from injuring themselves by falling on the glass that is secured within the frameless or infinity Flex Fit Pro channel system.

As an alternative to a handrail, we can also supply glass stiffeners. They are “H” shaped fixings that sit between the top of each panel of glass. They have a material effect on the structural integrity of the balustrade.

Our Flex Fit Pro channel system is available in both base fixed and side fixed. If you are using the side fixed channel, you are likely to also need the cladding to cover the fixing holes. We distribute our Flex Fit channel system on behalf of Onlevel. The base fix channel is branded by them as TL-6020. TL-6020 is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. In terms of the glass thickness, we recommend a maximum width of 1300mm or 55kg per panel to ensure that they adjustment system can fully operate and that the panel of glass can be easily handled. The side fixed channel system is branded by Onlevel as TL-6021. Here at Origin, we can supply both the TL-6020 frameless channel and TL-6021 frameless channel from stock.
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