Flex Fit Glass Clamp Kit for 21.5mm Glass

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Flex Fit Channel is compatible with glass thicknesses between 12mm – 21.5mm.

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About This Product


Flex Fit Channel is compatible with glass thicknesses between 12mm – 21.5mm. Your clamp kit is tailored to your glass thickness selection. Flexi-Fit set can adjust any glass panel individually while positioning it up to 34mm in relation to the vertical axis. It can be handled exclusively from the balcony side, this applies to the entire installation, making it much safer and saving unnecessary costs for scaffolding or lifting platforms. With one single hand movement Flexi-Fit set can adjust the glass with millimetric precision.
This clamp kit is available to suit a 2.5 metre and 5m channel length, please ensure you select the correct glass thickness and length required for your application. This clamp kit suits 21.5MM GLASS for a 2.5M LENGTH.
Handy Installation Tips:
Place the glass carrier holders into the aluminium channel.
Carefully drop the glass into the channel.
Drop the glass wedge opposite the glass carrier but don’t force it down. If you force it down, you will prevent the glass carrier from moving and being able to set the glass alignment because the glass will already appear “locked”.
The glass should be 2-3mm forward facing you from the panel you are aligning against.
Finally, push the glass wedge down with the combi tool, this will push the glass back those 2-3mm for a perfect alignment.
The temptation is to force down the glass wedge before aligning the glass with the glass carrier and the flex-fit tool. It is the most common error made by an installer new to OnLevel systems.
If you’re unsure about what glass thickness you require, please contact our team and we can advise as best as we can!


Length2.5m - 5m

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