Flex Fit Base Fixed Channel Systems

Our base fixed channel is one of the most popular profiles that we supply. It is fully adjustable from one side only. This allow you to fix from the balcony side only without having to buy any expensive lifting equipment. The glass is fixed within the profile using a wedge based system. This means that it is fully adjustable when having to align your panels of glass.

Our base fixed Flex Fit channel is manufactured by our German supplier Onlevel and we distribute this profile for them. It is branded by them as 6010 based fixed channel. When fixing the channel within the profile, you should use a 12mm countersunk fixing.
The 6010 balustrade system is fully tested to a line load test of 0.74kN when fixed to steel or concrete using 15mm, 17.5mm or 21.5mm glass. When using 15mm toughened glass in our 6010 base fixed channel you should also use a handrail if you are protecting a fall of 600mm or more.

The height of the glass when suing our 6010 Onelvel base fixed channel depends on whether or not you have a handrail. If you have a handrail you should deduct 13mm from height. The distance from the bottom of the profile of the 6010 onlevel channel to the bottom of the glass is 16mm. The overall height of any balustrade is 1100mm. Therefore if you have a handrail, the height of the glass will be 1100 – 16 – 13. Our technical team are on hand to advise you on any questions that you have on our 6010 onlevel profile.

As standard, out 6010 Onlevel channel is supplied in a natural anodised finish. It is a dark silver. As an alternative, we can powder coat the profile to any colour that you require. We can also cut the 6010 profile to your exact dimensions. If you do require powder coating, the profile should be cut before it is sent to the powder coaters to avoid the powder coating cracking.
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