Frameless Glass Balustrade

Customising Your Glass Balustrades: Options and Considerations

Here at Origin Architectural, we design and manufacture glass balustrades tailored exactly to your specification and needs. Your balustrade can be completely bespoke and you can customise it with the glass, handrail and colour of your choice. Keep reading to find out more about how you can customise your glass balustrade.

How to Customise Your Balustrade 

Did you know you can customise your very own glass balustrade on our website and receive a free and instant quote? Follow these steps and design yours today. 

Step 1. Choose your style of balustrade 

We offer a range of designs including the Frameless Balustrade, Spigot Balustrade, Cesario Balustrade and many more. Browse our website to find the perfect style for you.

Step 2. Choose a shape for your balustrade 

The next is to customise the shape and size of your balustrade. Is the balustrade going to run in a straight line, is it down a staircase, or do you want a custom shape? We recommend checking out our How is a glass balustrade measured blog for advice on measuring your space for your balustrade.

Step 3. Enter your details 

Put in your name, number and email and a member of our team will be in touch with details on your quote. 

Step 4. Receive your free quote instantly 

If you want to customise your balustrade further we can help. You can then customise and add extras to your balustrade. For example, the colour of your balustrade, the colour of the glass, and LED lights. 

Contact our team today to speak about your bespoke glass balustrade. If you are stuck on ideas and need some inspiration visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages.

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