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Glass Balustrade in Birmingham

Tapping into the true potential of glass requires thinking far beyond traditional windows and doors. There is almost no limit to how this versatile material can be incorporated into the design of a space; to create a greater sense of openness, to welcome in natural light, and to create a stunning focal point that draws the eye and keeps it there.
If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look of a space, improve the performance of a building, or make a design extra special, we recommend considering some of the more creative applications for glass.

Beautiful balustrades

While balustrades are a necessary safety feature, nothing detracts more from a great view than obtrusive railings and barriers. Developments in glass technology – leading to improved safety and durability – have allowed glass balustrades to become a staple in luxury home design, as safe structural elements that also offer unrestricted vision.
Toughened glass is manufactured to avoid thermal breakage and resist soft object impacts, to last significantly longer than ordinary glass. It’s perfectly suited to a wide range of applications that would normally put ordinary glass at risk of breaking, including balustrades.
Glazing goes so far beyond windows – it provides a range of practical solutions that deliver unrestricted views of the world, without having to compromise on safety, energy efficiency, or style. We supplied these astounding glass panels and clamps in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Statement staircases

Staircases are a common functional component that connects multiple floors within a building, but a staircase has the potential to play a dual role as a striking design feature – if created using the right materials. A staircase, by necessity, can require a significant amount of dedicated space, but a glass staircase doesn’t encroach on the sense of openness within a room – instead, it allows light to pass through it creating a beautiful ‘barely there’ aesthetic. Using structural laminated glass provides the assurance of strength and structural integrity for weight-bearing glass structures like staircases.

Roof Lights

A roof light is a guaranteed way to add that “wow” factor to your space. Letting an abundance of natural light transmit and spread across multiple floors, while also adding a distinctive sense of style.
To find out more about ways that you can use glass in your home, call us on 0113 277 4316.

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