Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Croydon, London

With winter almost here, many of us are looking ahead to the sunnier months when we can get out in our gardens. The warmer temperatures will make it possible to spend more time outside relaxing, entertaining and getting our vitamin D intake. But what options are available for balustrades for gardens, and which is the best choice for you?

Privacy Glass Balustrade

Adding a bespoke balustrade system to your roof terrace, deck or balcony can be a wonderful way to bring a little privacy and cosiness to your outdoor space. Great if you’re overlooked by neighbours. An extra living space for your home, bespoke glass balustrades are a versatile addition to any home. They bring a sense of light, openness and timeless style wherever they’re placed. Used outdoors, balustrades not only offer shelter from the elements and safety in raised areas; they can be customised to help add a sense of privacy.

For urban and suburban homes, space is often at a premium. Especially in Croydon (London) having a bespoke glass and stainless steel balustrade added to your outdoor area can be like adding another room. But who wants to relax in a room that’s open to the elements? Not to mention the open eyes of your neighbours? Our bespoke glass balustrade systems can be tailored to incorporate frosted, etched or tinted glass panels, helping to obscure the view and offer you some welcome seclusion. At Origin Architectural, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful and totally customised glass balustrade solutions to suit our customers’ unique requirements. We’ve had great feedback from previous customers, who chose a frameless glass and stainless steel balustrade system, complete with opaque glass panels, as a finishing touch for the roof terrace area.

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