Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Dundee

Origin recently worked with a customer to install a glass balustrade in a residential property in Dundee. The customer wanted a glass balustrade that would provide safety from a fall from their tiled patio and something that allowed an uninterrupted view from their home.

Due to the balcony being at quite a height and in an exposed area certain regulations had to be adhered to when choosing the design. Given the height of the fall, the customer decided that he would have a Post and Rail Glass Balustrade consisting of stainless steel grade 316 posts and a grade 316 stainless steel handrail on top of the posts. The customer also purchased our stainless-steel cleaner that protects the stainless steel components of the balustrade against the elements and keeps them clean and shiny.

Installing the Glass Balustrade in Dundee

We supplied the customer with posts including a base plate, a cover, 10mm glass clamps and a handrail bracket. Once the customer had successfully installed these elements of the balustrade the customer returned to us with the final measurements for the glass. This is the most effective way of fitting a glass balustrade as it ensures that the measurements for the glass panels are exact and a perfect fit between the posts.

At Origin we have experience in ensuring the bespoke glass is cut to our customer’s exact measurements and we work closely with them to ensure no errors are made. Once the glass is measured and cut it was delivered very quickly to our customer to install with the help of our Origin team who are on hand to give advice and guidance to make sure your balustrade fits perfectly. Our customer is delighted with the finished glass balustrade and the gorgeous views that it gives him from his balcony. He couldn’t have imagined what it would be like without it in place.

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