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Recently at Origin Architectural, we had the pleasure of helping a gentleman from Yeovil, who was looking for his perfect Juliet balcony.  He had double doors installed a few years ago and never had a Juliet balcony, but now with the addition of a new dog, he needed some protection so the dog couldn’t fall, or jump out.

He was looking for glass, rather than railing as it does block any light or interfere with the beautiful views.  We have numerous options for doing that such as Skyforce, Othello and Portia.  The Sky Force Juliet Balcony balconies are the first practically invisible system application; no system can be mounted more quickly or easily thanks to its unrivalled “slide & click” technique. The system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry and can cover one width size with only one profile, making powder coating easy if required.
Our Othello range of point fixings is one of our most popular solutions for a Juliet balcony. Structurally secure, they also provide you with that frameless look which allows you to enjoy unrivalled views from your Juliet.  The Othello system can be fixed from the sides of the opening to 3000mm or underneath with no maximum length.

In this instance, the customer opted for our Portia system.  This system is one of our most popular Juliet balcony systems. The Portia Juliet Balcony is easy to install and provides the perfect frame for any balcony. With the Portia Juliet Balcony, there are no vertical posts which allow you to enjoy uninterrupted views from your window.

The Portia Juliet Balcony comes in a wide range of sizes, 2.4 metres wide. In terms of design/style, it is also known as a metal tube Juliet balcony or a steel tube Juliet balcony.

As you can see in the image the end product looks great and the customer was very happy with the end result. To find out more about designing your bespoke Juliet Balconies at Origin Architectural contact us today.

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