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The Durability Of Glass Balustrades: How To Ensure Long-Lasting Performance

People often think that glass is delicate and fragile, but it is an extremely durable material. In comparison to wood which is prone to rotting and pest infestation glass is more likely to retain its quality. Glass is a very robust material that doesn’t degrade and ages slowly, meaning the changes are not noticeable and your glass balustrade will last for many years to come. You know what they say, “buy cheap, buy twice” but glass is an excellent investment since it can last for decades.

Due to the advances in technology, we can put the glass through a process to improve its durability to ensure that it rarely breaks. To break this glass extreme pressure would be needed as the glass they are often as strong as steel and even if it did break the shards of glass break into smaller pieces that are not sharp making them ideal for homes with children. Often, glass balustrades are installed on staircases adding a feeling of light and space as well as being safe and durable.

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