Frameless Glass Balustrade

The History of Glass Balustrades: From Medieval Castles to Modern Homes

Glass Balustrades are a staple in modern homes, their versatility makes them perfect in a variety of modern-day settings but did you know that they date back centuries? You might struggle to find a textbook on them but balustrades have been used across the world from Europe to Asia, and date back to the 17th century.


Balustrades have two primary functions, to provide a safety barrier on a raised level such as a balcony or decking, and to add decor to the space. The purpose of a balustrade hasn’t changed but what has, is the materials used. Back in the day balustrades were constructed out of clay or wood as they were the materials readily available, whereas now they are made out of steel, stone, and glass. 


The design of balustrades has also changed, where the original balustrades were made with miniature pillars and a handrail, modern balustrades range in design from panels of glass set between posts (Frameless Glass Balustrade) to ropes of wire connected to steel posts (Wire Rope Balustrade).


Balustrades were used in castles, palaces, and stately homes such as the Medici Palace in Italy to showcase the grandeur of the buildings and we have found that they are often used in the same way today. Glass Balustrades are especially suited to modern buildings, but our projects range from traditional residences to rural properties and urban office spaces. 


If you want to follow in history’s steps and install a glass balustrade in your home or workplace don’t hesitate to contact us. Try our Balustrade Designer Tool today and receive a free and instant quote on your bespoke glass balustrade. You can visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages for lots of inspiration or take a look at our previous projects on our blog. 


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