Frameless Glass Balustrade

Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Deck

A deck is without a doubt one of the most glamorous features to have in your back garden and there are many ways to accessorise it to establish your personal style. For the seasons that bring the warming sun, your deck will serve as a comfortable space to relax or spend time with loved ones. 


A balcony/balustrade is perfect for creating a modern feel or adding more character to your garden deck. Popular choices include wood, metal, rope, glass and stainless steel wire, it is all a matter of personal preference and what works well with your style. Wooden frames are a classic choice that can easily match the colour of your deck and provide extra style to your garden. Metal bars are a classy choice with many options that come in various designs. Some are straight, others are curved and they can even come in a wave-like pattern. Rope balustrades are less common but very stylish, you are more likely to see them in properties close to large bodies of water like lakes or the ocean. A glass balustrade/balcony is a fine choice for those of you who are ambitious to achieve that modern feel with more styling options. You could choose a frameless row of clear glass or a collection of frosted panels suspended by beautiful stainless steel handrails. Wire balustrades are also a very modern style for property owners who prefer an all-metal accessory for their deck.

Eye-Catching Colours

Traditional garden decks are typically made with wood such as timber or redwood. There is a variety to choose from with many different shades and stunning textures. When choosing the right wood panels for your deck, it is important to remember that there are many colours available. You could dazzle your guests with a fiery red floor or impress your neighbours with a dark oak brown deck. 

Add A Little Shade

The addition of shade brought by a canopy, an awning or any other cover will very likely amaze any visitor. Since your deck will likely be used during the sunniest times of the day, you will need something that keeps the light from your eyes and the warmth enveloping your space. 

Light Up Your Deck

Deck lights are a very special addition. Popular options are usually fitted into the floors or balustrades and can be controlled with the flick of a switch. You will have a lot of options for customisation with various colours and positions for installation. 

Dinner Time On The Deck

A deck is always a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch and, of course, dinner. With the right furniture, you and your loved ones can enjoy a delightful meal whilst embracing the beautiful weather. It is also the perfect place for a BBQ as some deck designs feature an installed grill for special occasions. 

Outdoor Accessories

Your deck should always be made for your enjoyment and no one is saying there is no room for your entertainment system. With the right installation, you can watch television or chill with music from the comfort of your outdoor space. Speaking of comfort, consider what furniture you are looking to use as your deck should be another source of relaxation. Heat regulating systems are also very convenient extensions as it is important to get the most out of your deck during hot or cold days. You could feature a small outdoor fire pit for the winter months or a fan to cool you during the hottest days of summer.  

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