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Top Tips on Creating Your Own Holiday Themed Garden

For anyone who does not know, Europe is facing another wave of COVID-19 and will likely be heading towards another lockdown. To protect countless lives, holidays abroad may again be postponed for the summer of 2021. However, this does not mean the end of your holiday experience as there are still ways to spend your free time basking in the warm sun. Your garden holds a lot of potentials for you to enjoy and all you will need is the right set-up for your outdoor space. 

Today’s circumstances should not keep you from enjoying the summer sun. For those who have a garden porch or outdoor lounging area, you possess a fantastic opportunity to transform your garden into your own exclusive holiday space.  

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoors can be a great place to relax during the warmer months and in your back garden, you should do it in absolute comfort. A classy set of tables and chairs is useful for any convenient occasion, especially in spring and summer. Whether you are looking for a calming sit-down or a place to eat, you can take in the tranquil and welcoming sun from just a few metres from your home. Popular choices involve traditional wood or wicker complemented by a collection of stylish cushions to promote relaxation on your days off. 

Add Some Shade With A Parasol

In addition to enjoying the sun, we must also respect its power. The perfect parasol can provide excellent shade and a modern style without diminishing the beautiful weather. Whatever your choice will be, a parasol will make an exceptional addition to your garden space. The summer sun will be out of your eyes but its warmth will still be yours to embrace.

An Outdoor Meal

One of the many fun things to do on holiday is eat out. In this current climate, it may be difficult to do so traditionally but that does not mean you have to lose out on the experience. With a home-cooked meal or ordered breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can still gain those outdoor eatery vibes in your garden at a cheaper price. One of the best options for this is a good old-fashioned BBQ. Imagine the sight of sublime burgers, delicious sausages, fresh chicken, exotic fruits and crisp salads roasting on an open grill with their divine aromas reaching the sky. The party always begins with a collaboration of grilled meat, delectable seafood, colourful vegetables and rich sauces.

Your Favourite Music

Everybody knows good music sets the scene and your favourite songs are just right for placing you in your comfort zone. If you are looking to reinforce your holiday-themed space, you could try some relaxing audio. Something smooth and settling to solidify the beautiful tranquillity of your home outdoor holiday.

Bright Lights On A Holiday Evening

Light fixtures can make the day last even after the sun goes down. Enjoying your holiday garden can carry on into the night and a set of lights will help maintain that warm, relaxing mood. Lanterns, with their pleasing glow, are ideal for sufficient illumination. Some options are cheap to purchase and can be energy efficient based on what kind you pick. If your design includes a canopy, then you may wish to decorate this accessory with fairy lights for more character that outlines your personal style. 

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