Frameless Glass Balustrade

Why are Glass Balustrades a good choice for coastal properties?

Glass Balustrades are aesthetically pleasing and are a popular choice but they are especially well suited to coastal properties with gorgeous views. The issue when working in coastal areas is the effects of nature such as high winds, on building materials. Metal is prone to corrosion, and coastal areas are exposed to different environmental conditions especially due to the high levels of salt. Saltwater wears away at the metal, weakening it and making it unsightly.

This is where glass comes in. 

Glass does not corrode in the same that that metal does, it is immune to the effects of saltwater and sea air making it the perfect material to use in balustrades in coastal properties. Additionally, glass balustrades are made using toughened glass which is extremely strong meaning it won’t be moved or bent by high winds. 

Aside from the durability of glass it also has other benefits that make it a good choice for coastal properties. A glass balustrade is easier to maintain than wood or metal, all it requires is cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water. Also, since glass is transparent, a glass balustrade allows the beautiful views of the sea to be admired. 

For more information on a bespoke glass balustrade for your property by the sea speak to a member of our team. If you need some inspiration for your glass balustrade project visit our Pinterest or Instagram pages. Alternatively, explore our blog for previous projects we have worked on. 

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