Frameless Glass Balustrade

7 Features of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades on balconies, bridges, terraces, and staircases are becoming a trend these days. Glass Balustrade has become the first choice for architects to design their projects. They are safe, and strong and provide a clear view of the design. A number of designs are available in the market for people to choose the best design for their house. To find out more about installing a glass balustrade in your home keep reading and find out about our 7 fantastic features of glass balustrades that will add luxury to your space.

7 Features of Glass Balustrade

  • It is maintenance-free which makes it a first choice for an economic railing.
  • They are easy to fit so a less time-consuming process.
  • It is suitable for houses, offices, gardens, and many different buildings whose design demands a great look.
  • A glass balustrade gives a modern and beautiful look to your house, office, or building.
  • It is strong and tested for different conditions that can destroy the railing.
  • They come in many designs like straight runs, corners, or faceted curve designs.
  • It has the ability to provide versatility in design for both new and re-established buildings.
All these features make glass balustrades an amazing choice for all remodeling solutions.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

With the use of toughened laminated structural glass, architects can make a structure that creates no obstruction in the sight through space. It provides a contemporary finish look throughout. Just like any glass balustrades, frameless glass balustrades can be used for internal stairwells, internal level changes, and external balconies. There can be many techniques to fix it and it depends on the model design. By using frameless glass balustrades with aluminum doors, architects can create a minimal Juliette Balcony. One can use many glass options like low iron glass, and decorative glass and strengthen the glass layers. Using handles, handrails, and caps different edge details can be made available for different designs.

Glass bridges

Structural glass bridges can be created using frameless glass for a long walk from one end to another. This bridge can be supported by either stainless steel support or high-specification structural glass beams. An anti-slip coating can be provided in order to make a secure Glass Bridge. It helps to maintain transparency and provides strength to the long bridges.

Glass balconies

A minimally glazed glass balcony can be created using glass. The amount of structural support that should be provided depends on the design, size, and weight of the load. A Juliet balcony is an example of creating a balcony using a frameless glass balustrade. This balcony has an integrated door system.
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