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Bespoke Glass Balustrade in Canterbury

Here at Origin Architectural, we are able to create fully bespoke posts to meet any requirement. Fabricating the posts on site, we can create, manufacture and deliver within a matter of weeks. Opting for the highest quality of 316-grade stainless steel you can have full control over post height, clamp positioning, and glass thickness required.

Origin Architectural recently completed a project for a bespoke glass balustrade in Canterbury where the customer required a fully bespoke solution – due to a narrow landing area the customer wanted to optimise space whilst adding a balustrade for safety. After discussing possible options with our sales team in Leeds, the customer decided to fix the balustrade to the fascia of his wall as opposed to on top of his patio using baluster brackets. Not only does this not open the space available, but it also provided the stability he was looking for.

Sometimes creating a bespoke balustrade can be tough, especially when you’ve had no experience creating bespoke posts it can be difficult to know what to ask for. The initial starting points to consider are as follows:

  • What height would you like the finished balustrade to be?
  • What is currently preventing you from using a standard post?
  • Is the balustrade going to be internal or external?

If you’re lucky enough to be by the sea, don’t forget to mention it to our team! You will require a mirror-polished finish on your balustrade to ensure your investment will last the years, as the saltwater in the air can cause standard stainless steel to rapidly discolour and pit. 

 Materials Used:

  • stainless steel handrail 42.4 x 2.0
  • baluster brackets
  • adjustable connector
  • 90-degree handrail corner
  • Flat end caps

To get your bespoke balustrade quote, give our team a call on 0113 277 4316 or drop us an email at 


Post and Rail Balustrade in Canterbury Glass Balustrade System in Canterbury

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