Frameless Glass Balustrade

Cesario Glass Balustrade in Telford

Origin Architectural recently worked on a Cesario Glass balustrade in Telford for one of our amazing customers. The Cesario Glass Balustrade is a modern-looking balustrade, that can either be 304 or 316-grade stainless steel.

304-grade stainless steel is great for indoors but will discolour over time if used outdoors. 316-grade stainless is suited for outdoor, however, it does still need some maintenance every few months. Also, if indoors, the system can be 900mm tall, whereas outside it has to be 1100mm. (If more than 600mm from ground level.) In this instance, our customer wanted a balustrade for the outside edge of his decking.  As it is external, he opted for a 316-grade steal, at 1100mm tall.

The customer in question wanted to fit a safe system that would not interfere with their beautiful view, and this system does exactly that.  They also opted for a handrail running down the stairs.  As you can see this ties in really well.

When using shaped panels to go downstairs, it is very important to be precise, using an angle finder for the corners or even sending a template. Fixing the post to a timber deck is very easy.  Each base plate at the bottom of the posts has 4x fixing holes that simply screw into the deck. (Uses an m8 timber screw, each surface can be different so judge the screw length on what they are being fixed to.) Fitting the handrail is just as easy, requiring a small pilot hole and a self-tapping screw. (m5-sized screw)


  • End balustrade post with handrail saddle
  • Middle balustrade post with handrail saddle
  • 6000mm stainless steel handrail
  • Handrail wall connectors (all 316-grade stainless steel)
  •  10mm Toughened glass from TUFFX (polished edges and dubbed corners)

If you are looking for a Cesario Glass Balustrade in Telford, get in touch with one of our sales team at Origin Architectural at or call us on 0113 2773416

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