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Origin Architectural recently worked on a Glass Balustrade for a customer based in the seaside resort of Brighton on the southern coast of England.

The customer wanted a glass balustrade for the outside edge of his decking, the purpose of which is to act as a safety barrier whilst not interfering with their beautiful view. They opted for the Cesario Glass Balustrade which is a modern balustrade that can either use 304 or 316-grade stainless steel.

Since Brighton is near the sea, we suggested that the customer should not use 304-grade stainless steel as over time the steel would discolour due to the salt. Instead, we suggested the 316-grade stainless steel, this is suitable for outdoor use and although it would still need maintenance every few months it is much more durable.

Furthermore, according to British Government regulations, a glass balustrade has to be a certain height depending on whether it’s inside or outside and how high up it is from ground level.

To comply with regulations the customer’s balustrade is designed to be 1100mm tall as the decking is more than 600mm from ground level, thus ensuring that the balustrade system is safe. To finish the overall look of the glass balustrade the customer opted for a handrail running down the stairs. As you can see this ties in really well and offers further safety.

Installing the Glass Balustrade

When using shaped glass panels to go downstairs, it is very important to be precise, using an angle finder for the corners or even sending us a template. The glass used for this project is 10mm toughened glass from TUFFX with polished edges and dubbed corners. In addition to the glass panels, the other materials used include the end and middle balustrade posts, 6000mm stainless steel handrail and handrail wall connectors all 316-grade stainless steel as mentioned above.

When it comes to installing the glass balustrade fixing the posts to the timber decking is very easy.

Each base plate at the bottom of the posts has 4x fixing holes that simply screw into the deck. (Use an m8 timber screw, each surface can be different so judge the screw length on what they are being fixed to.) Fitting the handrail is just as easy, requiring a small pilot hole and a self-taping screw (m5-sized screw). For more information on installing a glass balustrade visit our blog post entitled “How to fit a Glass Balustrade?”.

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