Frameless Glass Balustrade

Decking Glass Balustrade Kingston upon Thames

Have you ever considered using glass on your deck or patio to improve your view? For the ultimate outdoor experience, glass balustrades are an excellent alternative to wood. They offer the protection you need from a balustrade without the bulky wooden railings blocking your view. Just like any type of building material, glass has its pros and cons.

No. 1 – You’ve got the view!

When you live in a beautiful setting, you want to take full advantage of the view from all angles, glass balustrades allow you to take full advantage of your views and remain safe. All glass balustrade options are always created using toughened or laminated safety glass, stronger than regular glass there’s no need to worry about the glass breaking from everyday bumps.

No. 2 – You’d like some privacy.

Whilst this one doesn’t seem as obvious, glass is clear after all… But actually, you can have bespoke frosted panels that separate your home from the neighbours. These can come in varying levels of opacity from mildly cloudy to fully opaque. This allows you to enjoy your balcony or patio without any intrusive eyes.

No. 3 – You don’t want to mess around with deck stain!

For those who don’t want the upkeep of a wooden deck, glass balustrading doesn’t require the regular maintenance that wood does. Deck stain is messy, time-consuming, and hard work!

A patio space is a wonderful place to make memories, but if you want it to be safe for you and your family, this is where glass can help. We hope we’ve given you some idea as to whether a glass balustrade could work for you! Origin Architectural recently supplied this decking glass balustrade in Kingston upon Thames for one of our lovely customers.

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