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DIY Glass Staircase Balustrade Project in Swindon

The installation of Glass Balustrading is often easier than people might think. We had a customer based in the historic market town of Faringdon, not far from Oxford and Swindon who felt the exact same way. This customer wanted to update their staircase and wanted something new and exciting so with no idea where to start and not wanting to spend an arm and a leg they called us.

The current national lockdown is leaving many people with free time on their hands and after a year of rewatching the same shows on Netflix and baking banana bread, it might just be time to get up and learn a new skill. There is no better time than now to undertake an exciting new home renovation project, and get stuck headfirst into some DIY!

Installing the Glass Staircase Balustrade

After an initial phone, our highly experienced team here at Origin Architectural suggested that the perfect solution for them was to replace the internal spindles on their wooden staircase with a glass staircase balustrade and flat-backed clamps. This would provide the customer with a brand-new-looking staircase at an affordable cost.

To help them complete this DIY project the customer purchased 4 panels of 10mm toughened glass all in different sizes and middle D flat-back clamps. The process was simple, first templates for the glass had to be made using chipboard wood, which was collected directly from their home. 5-10 days later, the glass arrived cut bespoke to the customer’s exact dimensions!

The customer was provided with a step-by-step guide and advice by our team on how to handle the glass, where to position the clamps and how to install it safely. The end result shown in photographs is a spectacular finished project that is central to the design of the home.

For more information on installing a glass balustrade visit our blog post entitled ‘How to fit a Glass Balustrade?’

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