Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade Dorchester

Frameless glass balustrades are Origin Architectural’s premium balustrading solution, offering multiple variations of the channel it is easy to choose which will be best suited to you.

Our quality-fit system is fantastic for first-time installers with an easy-to-follow installation video, all channels can be pre-cut in our warehouse to exact dimensions so it’s just a case of unravelling the packaging and fitting as per the pre-drilled holes. This system is best suited for smaller balustrades with straight runs 10m or less or for those who are looking to include a top rail on their glass.

Our flex-fit system is a streamlined glazing channel, better suited for longer runs and uneven ground the flex fits main advantage is the ability to tilt individual panels backwards and forwards to help ensure the finished system is aligned perfectly. For those who are first-time installers, we would recommend purchasing our flex-fit tools to ensure you have everything required to install the system safely. The main advantage of this system is access is only required from one side making it best suited for those rooftop terraces!

Our easy-fit system is a lightweight system suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, available in 3-metre lengths as opposed to the usual 2.5-metre and 5-metre lengths, the system uses innovative screw-clamp technology which locks glass panels into position effortlessly. Panels can also be individually altered both during and after installation.

Origin Architectural recently supplied this frameless channel system for a customer in Dorchester using a side-fixed variation of our Easy-Fit system. This suited the customers’ requirements due to maximizing floor space and fitting onto uneven break, the panels could be aligned to give a clean finish.

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