Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade in Blackpool

Origin Architectural recently completed this installation of a frameless glass balustrade in Blackpool in Lancashire. The customer wanted to enjoy the unrivalled views of the fields at the back of his garden and did not want a handrail to interrupt this. (Since there was no drop at the end of the balustrade regulations allow for no handrail.) He also specified that he wanted to have a gate at the end of the frameless glass to allow him to take their dog for a walk in the nearby fields! After these discussions, we started designing the balustrade with our customers.  

We specified using our Quality Fit channel and 12mm glass. For the posts, we specified using two of our hinges and one latch. They were attached to prefabricated posts, which we manufactured. This used 10mm glass. We supplied the channel first, the gate components and all of the fixings that the customer required. We also supplied coach bolts to allow the customer to fit the channel to the floor and M8 fixings to fix the hinge post and the latch post.

 Once the metalwork was installed, we then specified the glass. The gate panels were slightly complicated in that they needed 2 x holes for each hinge and 1 x hole for the latch. We worked with the customer to ensure that the holes were in exactly the right place.

The customer was absolutely delighted with the end result of his balustrade in Blackpool,  Lancashire. It was fitted by his landscape gardener who has since come back to us with a number of enquiries. We think that you will agree, that this balustrade looks fantastic!

Products used:

  • Quality Fit Channel
  • Hinge Post (Glass Gate)
  • Latch Post (Glass Gate)
  • 10mm Glass
  • 12mm Glass

glass balustrade blackpool  glass balustrade Lancashire

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