Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade in Croydon

Origin Architectural recently completed this installation for a customer that wanted a frameless balustrade for their house near Croydon. The customer wanted a completely frameless system. This would allow them to enjoy the view of the woods at the rear of the property which is just outside Croydon. There were concerns about the wind and the customer was keen to maximise the structural strength of the balustrade without interrupting the views. We subsequently suggested that glass stiffeners should be used as they have the benefit of greatly strengthening the balustrade without interrupting the frameless look.  

Installing the Glass Balustrade

The channel that we supplied had 12mm countersunk holes every 250mm. We supplied the coach bolts which allowed the customer to fix them directly into their decking.

We also supplied a prefabricated ninety-degree corner profile as well as cut the profiles to the exact dimensions of the customer. The customer initially asked us to recommend somebody to install the balcony for him, however, we explained that it was very easy to install and that he could do it himself. By installing the balustrade himself the customer saved a lot of money on the overall installation. We suggested (and the customer agreed) to install the profiles first and then come back to confirm his final glass measurements. All of our glass is manufactured to the exact dimensions of the customer. The process that was recommended, ensured that the glass that we supplied fitted perfectly!

The customer found it very easy to install and was absolutely delighted with the final result!

Materials used:

  • Quality Fit Channel
  • 12mm glass
  • 12mm glass stiffeners

 Our team are more than happy to chat about how to install our glass balustrade systems if you’re unsure. You can contact them at 01132774316 or email at

decking balustrade system decking glass balustrade Croydon Frameless Glass Balustrade in Croydon

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