Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrade project in Carlisle

We recently supplied a beautiful frameless glass balustrade to a customer in Carlisle and they are thrilled with the results. 

The customer had recently converted their garage into a summer house, they have a large window with great views of their garden and neighbouring fields.

Outside of the window was a raised path with a drop of over a meter.  They wanted some sort of barrier, as they have young grandchildren, but also, they did not want to spoil the view. Our team worked with them discussing the different options and it was agreed that the best option would be the frameless glass balustrade system, without a handrail for minimal interference.

The raised path was supported by a brick wall, the best fixing to fix a frameless channel to the wall is a steel threaded bar and resin anchor seal.  This is the best fixing because, the more comment-expanding anchor bolts, can cause the brick to break if over tighten. 

Once the channel, Quality Fit by Origin, was set in position, the glass was fixed in place and lined up perfectly.  Luckily, the wall was nice and even, so this helps the glass line up.  Not everyone’s walls are so even, so Origin offers other channels that allow the glass to be adjusted, such as On Levels Flex fit.

The customer was extremely happy with the finished product and sent us the photos below.

Materials Used in the Creation of the Frameless Glass Balustrade in Carlisle

Channel used:

 Glass used:


  • Threaded bar and bolt
  • Using resin anchor seal

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Carlisle glass balustrade  frameless glass balustrade Carlisle

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