Frameless Glass Balustrade

Get the perfect finish for your deck or patio with our Glass Balustrades 

With more hours of daylight and warmer weather, the garden becomes an increasingly more important part of the home. With the ability to spend more quality time outdoors with friends and family, many people decide to make their gardens a more functional and enjoyable space with the addition of decking or patio areas. Where there is an edge or need for a handrail, glass balustrades act as the perfect safety barrier as well as adding a touch of elegance to the decking area.  So why not get the perfect finish for your deck or patio with our Glass Balustrades? 

Safety is a major factor to consider when there is a drop of any kind at the edge of the deck.  This should be the highest priority if your decking will be used by young children and/or people with mobility issues. Glass balustrades can provide the perfect solution without the need to introduce an unsightly and bulky railing system that spoils the deck’s overall appearance and reduces space.  Instead, they enable more light to shine over the deck creating a greater sense and impression of space. 

Glass balustrades enable you to create safe outdoor areas without compromising on style.  They are extremely versatile in their design, manufacture, and installation and complement decking perfectly whether it is an ultra-modern and minimalist garden to more of a classical design with lots of different features.   

Another reason to consider a glass balustrade around decking is the sense of luxury it creates, therefore adding significant value to a property.  When glass is used as part of any design, it can create a sense of awe with the way it enables light to play and reflect, often becoming a point of admiration for family, friends, and neighbours, such as this frameless glass balustrade supplied by Origin to a customer in Guildford. It’s in our nature that we like to impress, and a glass balustrade around a decking area really does create that wow factor. 

Materials Used 

  • Origin Quality Fit frameless channel  
  • 15mm Toughened Glass  
  • 42.4mm 316 Stainless Slotted Tube

If you are looking to get the perfect finish for your deck or patio with our Glass Balustrades in Guildford or anywhere else across the UK or need some guidance, give us a call at 01132774316 today!

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