Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade for a pub in Abersoch, Pwllheli, Wales

With UK lockdown restrictions easing and life slowly returning to some kind of normal, there are lots of things the British public are looking forward to doing, one of which is heading down to the local pub for a pint! With indoor socialising not available until 17th May, pubs and restaurants have been looking for ways to increase their space, protect their customers from the weather and keep their premises looking modern. And what better than a glass balustrade to achieve this?

Creating more outdoor space

Glass is a wonderful material that has the ability to create the illusion of more space. So a glass balustrade made with clear glass makes an area appear larger. Additionally, they provide the benefit of not blocking out light enhancing the presence of the sun and creating a more expansive space.

Protect from the Wind

A glass balustrade is a solid structure and barrier meaning it can act as a protective shield from natural elements such as the wind. We all know that the British weather is not the most reliable and the wind can easily disrupt a lovely trip to the pub. A glass balustrade acts as a windshield and therefore your customers will have protection from the great British weather whilst tucking into their pub grub.

Keep the space looking modern

Glass balustrades have the ability to add modernity and sophistication to any building or outside space. Their clean lines and also the fact they are simple to install, make them the perfect choice for fencing off an outdoor dining area. And since they are easy to keep clean you won’t need to worry about all those spilt drinks and sticky fingers. The images show a glass balustrade for a pub in Abersoch, Pwllheli, Wales which has recently installed a post and rail glass balustrade system. The pub also opted for LED changing lights that add a touch of glamour to the balustrade.

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