Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade for Decking in Hemel Hempstead

Origin Architectural recently completed this installation for some glass balustrades for decking at a house in Hemel Hempstead near Watford (just north of London).

 The customer wanted posts and a handrail. We advised the customer to have a handrail because the balustrade was slightly over 600mm above ground level. The customer considered having laminate glass but in the end, wanted to have toughened glass once we explained the difference in cost between 13.5mm toughened laminate glass and 10mm toughened glass.

There was a slight complication in that one of the angles on the decking was 135 degrees. We subsequently drilled and tapped a bespoke post to the exact angle that was required by the customer. This allowed the balustrade to seamlessly follow the angles of the decking.

Using our new computer software, we were able to calculate exactly the glass sizes that the customer required. This meant that the customer could order the stainless steel posts at exactly the same time as the glass. Everything was on site within a week for the customer to install.

The glass used was 10mm toughened glass. This was supplied with holes in the top corners of each panel of glass. This allowed the customer to use the safety pins that were supplied with the clamps that were attached to the posts. They perfectly matched the holes in the glass. They provided an additional layer of safety in that they prevented the glass from slipping.

To prevent the stainless steel posts from discolouring we recommended that the customer use stainless steel cleaner and a cloth specially designed for stainless steel. We recommended that the customer use this cleaner once every few months to prevent residue from building up on the posts.

The customer was absolutely delighted with the final results. The balustrade formed an effective barrier while continuing to offer the customer fantastic views of his garden in Hemel Hempstead.

Our team in Leeds are more than happy to chat about how to measure and install your decking glass balustrade. You can contact them at 01132774316 and email us at

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