Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade for Staircases

With spring just around the corner, this stunning modern new build in Gretna certainly sprung into life last week.

A focal point inside the property, and one of the first sights you will see as soon as you walk through the front door, the oak and glass accompaniment continues with the elegant main staircase. No longer just a link between two floors, staircases provide a fantastic architectural feature from the moment you step inside a property, turning an ordinary entrance into an elegant one. The feeling of space continues to be felt throughout the home. Light that has already flooded in now passes through the glass balustrading of the staircase, illuminating the white walls and creating a clean, bright and uplifting space.

Whether you’re wanting glass balustrades for your balcony, staircase, terrace, or something else, look no further than Origin Architectural.

We manufacture glass balustrades to your exact specifications, and the panels can either be supported from the top and sides (framed) or the base (unframed) – depending on the application. Customisation of your balustrades doesn’t stop there however, we can even apply a range of colours, giving your property a truly unique look.

Glass balustrades can be used for a variety of applications, but whatever you decide to use them for, you can rest assured that they will look modern, and give the illusion of extra light and space. Why not combine your new landing balustrades with a contemporary glass staircase? The ultimate combination for the modern home!

Not sure what balustrades would be best for you and your project? Speak to our experienced team today. You can contact us at 0113 277 4316, or email us at Running low on time? No problem! Use our automatic online quote generator to receive a price within minutes.

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