Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Acton in West London

Origin Architectural recently completed this installation in Acton in West London. The customer wanted a Juliet balcony to go over his newly installed windows. He originally looked at a solution that used a side-fixed channel. Unfortunately, this didn’t work as the window sills on his fantastic new windows protruded 40mm from the wall. We discussed alternative solutions with the customer. In the end, he decided to go for point fixings. They offered the perfect solution in that they allowed the glass to clear the sill by 40mm.

There are two elements to point fixings. There is the front plate which is 50mm in diameter. The length of the backplate can vary depending on how far the obstacle that you are trying to clear, protrudes from the building. In this instance, we supplied the customer with a fixed point fixing that had a backplate that was 40mm in length. The customer also asked us to supply the fixings that he needed to fit the point fixing to the wall. We subsequently supplied a 10mm threaded bar at a length of 200mm, the resin and a resin gun. Origin really was a one-stop shop for all the customers’ needs!

We discussed with the customer whether he would like to have a handrail. In this instance, he decided not to. We subsequently recommended that the customer use 17.5mm glass. The height of the panels was 1.4m with 300mm beneath the reveal and the remaining 1100mm above the reveal, therefore, ensuring that we meet building regulations. The customer was absolutely delighted with the end result of his Glass Balustrade in Acton, West London.

Products used

  • 50 by 40 standoffs
  • 17.5mm toughened laminate glass
  • M10 thread
  • Resin

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