Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Edinburgh

Origin Architectural recently supplied a glass balustrade in Edinburgh, the client was looking for a bespoke solution to suit their commercial needs. After debating different systems the client opted for a post and rail system in a 48.3mm tube, removing a standard saddle in replacement of a handrail adapter to create a sleek finish to suit the industrial aesthetic of the office.

Considerations when choosing your balustrade

Whichever system is chosen it is critical to be aware of the performance requirements for building codes and the environmental requirements (i.e. interior, exterior, balustrades at a height, etc). We would always recommend speaking with one of our team at Origin Architectural early in the design process will help to clarify choices and decisions that may affect the design, cost, and materials required.

Environmental factors to consider include the location of the railing – is it interior or exterior and if exterior whether it’s at a height is an important consideration. The geographic location and height of the balustrade installation are key factors in determining which system will be best for your exterior balcony. 

Structural glass-supported balustrade systems are frequently described as frameless glass systems, these are one of the most popular designs in use today. The clear glass creates an open feeling by visually enlarging spaces with unobstructed views and can be used to complement or contrast with interior design features. Origin Architectural offers a variety of mounting options for both design choices and construction requirements. Post-supported balustrade systems are equally popular and are designed in such a way that the top rail receives the required loading, transfers it to the posts and then ultimately to the building structure itself.

Materials used:

  • 48.3mm handrail adapter
  • 48.3mm x 2.0 6m tube
  • Base plate
  • Base plate cover
  • Curved glass clamps

The range of designs is extremely broad whether glass or post-supported balustrades are the right fit for your project. If you have any questions regarding our product range, please contact our team who will be happy to offer tailored project advice. You can contact them at 01132774316 or email at 

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