Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Hackney, London

This customer in Hackney came to us in need of a glass balustrade but was unsure of what style to choose, he wanted a modern finish without a handrail, so we advised the Viola glass balustrade system (post and rail system). Not to be confused with our Cesario system which has a handrail on top. This viola system is more suited to areas where there is no drop or a drop of under 600mm from ground level as building regulations state that if a drop is 600mm or over from ground level a handrail is required. This balustrade uses 316 stainless steel posts however you can also opt for mirror-polished posts if you live closer to the sea to prevent the salt from rusting.

When designing this balustrade, this customer wanted a simple yet beautiful design. We asked them for the lengths desired and the distance between each post either 1.0m or 1.2m. This customer opted for 1 post every 1.2m.

Installing the Glass Balustrade

Once this was confirmed we calculated the measurements of the glass to his requirements. His system arrived and he managed to put it together within 2 weeks of ordering! When it came to installing this balustrade this customer in Hackney wanted to install himself as a finishing touch for his newly built garden, he followed our installation guide online and contacted us for extra guidance.

If you are looking to install a Glass Balustrade in Hackney, London or anywhere else across the UK or need some guidance, give us a call at 01132774316 today!

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